Custom. Made Simple.

It always fits, no alterations, versatile & fun fabrics, AND it makes getting dressed EASY

We've Simplified Custom

Step 1: Identity your shape

Straight - Your ONLY fit problem is your thick waist.

Curvy - Your ONLY fit problem is your wide hips.

Regular - Your fit problem may be your waist and your hips.

Find Your Shape

Step 2 - Select Your Size & Length

Already a Customer? We are going to refer back to your measurements of your last order and then call you (step 3) to see if your most recent order is still fitting you perfect.  Select the shape and size you think you are when purchasing, and we will just adjust the size to your custom sizes when we talk (step 3)

New Customer? Select the size you most comfortably wear.  Then grab a measuring tape and see if your measurements are in line with the measurements that you selected on the size chart.  We will call you (step 3) to go over your measurements with you.

Length? Use one of your favorite skirts or the length chart to help select your length.  When we call you (step 3) you can modify that length.

Step 3 - Chat With An Expert

Your Sevier Skirt guru will call to verify each order and answer any questions. During this call, additional customizations (tapering, back vent, length change, etc) can be made.  If you are a new customer, have a measuring tape handy for the call.  It will take about 10 minutes or less.

Classic Styles

"I have spent over a decade fitting women in skirts and found that these two styles - Pencil and A-line - continue to be the most universally flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.  Both styles are classics - dating back to the 1950's.  When paired in any fabric, these skirts stay timeless and current, only needing a new top or shoe to update it through the years."

- Suzanne Sevier Rowland

Shape Guide
Size Guide
Length Guide