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    Skirts that Stand the Test of Time

    Skirts that Stand the Test of Time

    At Sevier Skirts, it is important to us that we produce quality garments that stand the test of time. We know a Sevier Skirt is an investment, which is why it’s so important that each skirt or dress that goes to a client is an item that will remain in her closet for years to come, maintaining their shape year after year. I love that I can make my Sevier skirts look fresh every year just by choosing new, on-trend items to pair with them. Changing out a few blouses and boots/shoes tend to be all the “refreshing” my wardrobe needs.

    These are some of my favorites:

    Customers bring me older skirts all the time for alterations and little fixes. Many skirts that we get in for alteration are 8-10 years old and it makes me SO HAPPY.  I’m happy to deliver products that clients love so much that they can’t bring themselves to give to Goodwill or give to a friend, despite the fact that it no longer fit. That is a huge compliment!  

    Last week I got these out of season alterations from a long time client. Look how great these skirts are and how perfect they still look. The best part? These skirts were purchased 5-6 years ago!  This customer has changed sizes over the last few years, so we are tailoring them to her new size. They’ll then go back into her closet and be restyled with new tops and shoes for years to come.

    But resizing isn’t all we do. We also do little fixes, like we did on this client’s favorite skirts. We did a zipper repair and shortened them up a bit. I loved getting a visit from these past fabrics, and it’s great to have sent them off knowing they’ve still got years and years of wear ahead.

    So, don’t be shy.  Call or email the shop so we can get your skirts fixed or resized and back into heavy rotation. Once I get my hands back on then, they will feel like brand new. I guarantee it!

    Service Cheat Sheet:

    1.  Fix zips and hems

    2.  Alter old skirts to new measurements

    3 . Clean up sides that are too full or hem skirts that are too long

    4. Then, we will update your new measurements to our system so that you can buy online anytime you wish.

    refresh your items today

    Since launching Sevier Skirts in 2004, Suzanne Rowland has customized and sold more than 45,000 skirts. A licensed "skirtologist," Suzanne prides herself on helping women look and feel their best. Schedule a fitting or shop her collection today!    

    Skirts: The Perfect Summer Shorts Substitute

    Skirts: The Perfect Summer Shorts Substitute

    There are a handful of lucky ladies who are 40-plus and who can pull off wearing shorts. I am not one of them.

    I have tried long shorts, mid-thigh shorts, knit shorts, twill shorts, even exercise shorts. All of which make me so self-conscience about the shape of my dimply legs. Years ago when I used to do cardio, I wore skorts because shorts would ride up between my inner thighs and drive me crazy.

    So, what is a girl to do when it is 95 degrees outside and you absolutely cannot go out in public in shorts? You have to wear lightweight skirts and dresses!

    Obviously, this beautiful model is not me… or I’d probably be prancing around in a thong bikini all summer. However, I have worn the dress she is modeling on MANY occasions. I had one made for myself for our family beach trip. I also wear it to make skirt deliveries, go to summer cookouts, travel, and frankly, anywhere others would typically wear shorts and a t-shirt. What I love about wearing my seersucker is that I feel equally as casual as others, however much more put together. This is one of the many reasons that I LOVE the casual prints that I pull into our line each spring/summer season.

    The trick to finding the perfect fabric to make your shorts substitute skirt is that it has to meet a few criteria.

    • The fabric HAS to be machine washable...because they are meant to sweat and get dirty in!
    • They have to not stick to you when you sweat.
    • They have to look great with tanks, t-shirts, and flip flops!  


    I selected a handful of my FAV fabrics that meet all the criteria for a shorts substitute and put them on sale for the week. The eyelets and the tan/white seersucker only have enough yards to make 3-4 skirts each, so if you love them….you better snag them!

    It will be hot as blazes for the next 2-3 months, so CLICK HERE to get your summer staple skirt in the works. In just 3 short weeks it will already be in your dirty clothes hamper

    The Go-To Skirt

    The Go-To Skirt

    Thanks to the Minimalist podcast and other books and blogs dedicated to the benefits of living simply, everyone seems to be culling their closets. People aren’t hanging on to 10,000 items “just in case” anymore. Instead, they’re filling their closet with fewer items that consistently make them happy.

    I have 3 skirts that have been my go-to for years. They’re the ones I take on every trip regardless if it is on a business trip to buy fabric to the beach for family time. They’re the same skirts that I wear over and over and only take them out of rotation for cleaning. I wash and hang them each week, and grab one anytime I just need to throw something great on and go.

    The Cathedral has been my staple since I had Jb, who is now 5 ½. So that just tells you what a great skirt it has been. I replaced it with a new cathedral about a year ago and also added Chuck to my closet, which is basically the same color and fabric content as Cathedral, but when you love something (and it works for you), you’ve got to have more than 1.

    Here are pics of me wearing it over the years.

    Cathedral might be my go-to, but yours could be something totally different. Maybe you love a bold pattern in your day-to-day or something sleek and versatile. So how do you figure out what skirt will be your new favorite? When searching for your staple, you want to choose something that goes with your favorite basics and works well for you dressed up or down. Think through a typical day (or days) and picture what kind of outfits work for you. That information should help you narrow down your options. 

    From our current collection, my favorites are Nigeria BlueBeeswax Lavender, and Ashley Pique. I love how owning all three gives you a great range of looks from casual, "nothing to see here" pairings for lunch with friends to several bangin' looks for date night. 

    I also love Ally Gold or Blockbuster Gold because both transition well from buttoned up to casual. These pair just as perfectly with a crisp button-down as they do with graphic tees and moto jackets.

    If you haven’t yet, next time you get the urge to clean your closet, consider taking a bold step. Try on everything you own and donate anything that doesn’t make you instantly happy when you put it on. Then, consider looking for staple pieces that will stay with you for ages. You want pieces you can mix and match; pieces you can wear again and again without wearing them out; pieces that are customized and later tweaked to fit you perfectly. . . forever.


    Since launching Sevier Skirts in 2004, Suzanne Rowland has customized and sold more than 45,000 skirts. A licensed "skirtologist," Suzanne prides herself on helping women look and feel their best. Schedule a fitting or shop her collection today!    


    Suits Are Sooo 90s

    Suits Are Sooo 90s

    I remember my first job out of college. It was an entry level position at a business to business bank, which meant I sat in a cubicle admin work all day and never saw a client. Yet...I wore suits. Every day. My favorite was a navy pantsuit that I wore with navy flats, of course (eek). Seems ridiculous now, and it makes me cringe a little… it didn’t then.

    Today, business casual is the dress code in most companies.  Business casual in 2017 isn't defined as a blue button down with khaki pants anymore (thank heavens), and expressing your personal taste through your clothing is much more widely accepted.These days, wearing a stylish dress or polished separates in a meeting doesn’t discount a woman’s professionalism, especially if it is tailored well and fits properly.

    I often wonder why women tend to gravitate toward styles that make them blend in. Why wouldn’t you want to stand out in a bright and happy dress or a unique skirt? Can’t stylish clothing be something like your experience and intelligence that distinguishes you from the rest? We are slowly evolving this way as we all become more accepting of each other’s personal taste, but it’ll take a shift in our collective thinking to make it happen.

     Next time you catch yourself reaching for a safe option to avoid sticking out in the boardroom, think again. Consider going with a polished item in a pop of color, or even a bright, sunny pattern instead. Getting noticed is a good thing! I say, celebrate your brains with clothes that accentuate your beauty.

     Want my help in finding office-chic styles? No problem! Click here to schedule an appointment!  

    Since launching Sevier Skirts in 2004, Suzanne Rowland has customized and sold more than 45,000 skirts. A licensed "skirtologist," Suzanne prides herself on helping women look and feel their best. Schedule a fitting or shop her collection today!    

    Your Best Length

    Your Best Length

    I’m pretty sure everyone remembers the skirt length test from high school. You know, the one where you let your hands fall to your sides and if your fingertips fall below your hemline, your skirt is deemed too short. Although this is a simple way to tell whether your skirt length is up to code, it doesn’t help us figure out whether the skirt’s fit is fashion forward.  

     When customers ask me about the ideal length for their body, I always site Timm Gunn,

     “No matter what your size. . .your skirt should never be more than a few inches above the knee and no longer than a few inches below the knee.”

    Tim Gunn, Paraphrased by Huffington Post

     As a licensed skirtologist, I couldn’t agree more. Whether you like your skirt a little shorter or a bit on the longer side, the key is finding that sweet spot for the hemline to rest. Too long and your skirt looks dated and looks dated and can actually make you look shorter and legs look thicker, too short and you might feel like you are showing your goods every time you sit down.

     Over the years I have developed a formula of sorts to help the customer and I select a hem length that is perfect. When selecting a customer’s best length, I am looking at 3 main criteria: height, body shape, and personal taste.  For every height, I have a pre-determined 2-inch “safety window” that I like to stay within. I pin the hem on the customer where I think it looks nice on their legs, which is typically at the tops of the knees. 

    Now, remember, although this method works wonders, it does not apply to exercise skirts or tennis skirts, which can always be short and sweet. It also doesn’t apply to knit fabrics. This method applies only to woven skirts including, tweeds, cotton prints, denim, cargo, canvas, wool, eyelet. Off-rack examples are the Number 2 JCrew pencil or the structured skirts sold by Boden.

     Believe it or not, I know what you’re going to say next: “Well, I typically wear skirts with [insert particular shoe]...does that change my ideal length?” It always surprises customers to know that the answer is no. The shoe doesn’t change where that skirt is most flattering on your leg. Your leg is the same length and shape regardless of what is on your feet. Your best length works on your body no matter what shoes you finish your look with, as long as you’ve kept those 3 criteria in mind when finding your fit.

    Want my help in finding your best length? No problem! Click here to schedule an appointment!  

    Since launching Sevier Skirts in 2004, Suzanne Rowland has customized and sold more than 45,000 skirts. A licensed "skirtologist," Suzanne prides herself on helping women look and feel their best. Schedule a fitting or shop her collection today!