My Solution To Life's Annoyances

My Solution To Life's Annoyances

June 06, 2017

Making life easier for myself is something that I am purposeful about.  For example, I moved Sevier’s manufacturing to my home 2 years ago, which allows me to be in 2 places at 1 time. I moved into the same neighborhood as my parents and 3 minutes from my husband Bart’s parents because when anyone needs help we are close. I purposely live walking distance to a grocery, liquor, and drug store (what if it snows and I need wine... right??) and 3 miles from church and my son’s school. I would say the only thing that I haven’t chosen in life that is easy is the fact that I sell and manufacture custom made clothing.  

But here’s the thing. The one not easy thing I’ve chosen to do with my life still has the same end goal in mind. At the end of the day, I strive to make your life easier by adding items to your closet that are easy and stress-free. The fit is always perfect and together we choose a fabric that blends into your closet and already goes with a handful of blouses, shirts, sweaters, and tees.

The key is versatility. The way I tend to grade a skirt on versatility is to pay attention to how easy it was (or wasn’t) to style it at the photo session. If it wasn’t easy to throw several different tops with the skirt to create a variety of different looks, then it doesn’t make the versatility cut.  

So these 3 are my favorites from this season based on versatility, non-wrinkle, and timelessness. It doesn’t hurt that 2 of the 3 are year round. From left to right, they are Brick House NavyZulu Ivory and Ashley Pique

Just these three skirts offer seemingly endless opportunities to effortlessly achieve a fabulous look. Here, check out just three of the ways we styled Zulu Ivory. 


Removing the very first tough choice of the day is the best way to kick things off right. It can even help you avoid Decision Fatigue, which could lead to poor choices later in the day (like digging into that second piece of cake that you totally don’t need). Sevier Skirts makes dressing quick, easy, and stress-free. We know that adding a few Sevier staples into your wardrobe will make your days easier and you happier.

Want my help choosing a few skirts that will make your mornings easier? No problem! Click here to schedule an appointment!  

Since launching Sevier Skirts in 2004, Suzanne Rowland has customized and sold more than 45,000 skirts. A licensed "skirtologist," Suzanne prides herself on helping women look and feel their best. Schedule a fitting or shop her collection today!    

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