FitBox with $150 Gift Certificate

Not so sure which beautiful fabric to select until you get to try on the Fit Skirts?  We understand!  Included in the Fit box is a $150 Gift Certificate and 30+ swatches for you to feel and bring into your closet to see which would be the best choice for your first Sevier Skirt.  

Getting your custom measurements is easy.  Just answer the 4 questions below and we will mail you 1 FitSkirt to try on.  The FitSkirt is not meant to fit you perfectly.  It is meant to fit close enough that from a picture of you wearing it, Sevier Skirts can determine if we need to add or remove inches from your waist, hip or length and how much. 

There is return postage within the package for you to mail the skirts back to us.

The FitBox plus Gift Certificate is the PERFECT gift for your special someone.

Shape Guide