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    About Suzanne Sevier Rowland

    Sevier Skirts was founded in 2004 in Nashville Tennessee.  Suzanne has always loved the versatility and femininity of skirts and started making them for friends and family.  Suzanne quickly found that the majority of women struggle with proper fit, so as she made each skirt - she found she was customizing each skirt to accommodate each person she measured.  Voila, a custom skirt business was born.

    Suzanne travels during the week doing skirt parties across the US.
    The objective of the skirt parties is to get accurate measurements on file for each customer and to show the newest fabrics of the season.  Fabrics are selected and purchased from Textile Trade Shows and from New York City's finest fabric houses.
    Sevier Skirts are made in Nashville.  There is a team of 3 that cut, sew, manufacture, inspect, and ship all the skirts that Suzanne sells.  Her small team of 3 have been a part of the Sevier Team for over 8 years. 

    Suzanne and her husband Bart have 1 son, JB.  She is a certified work-a-holic, but when not head deep in skirt patterns and quality control checkoffs - she is spending time with friends and family doing what she loves 2nd to skirts, which is enjoying food and drink.  Suzanne and Bart were both raised in West Nashville and feel very fortunate to be surrounded by the supportive and loving community of Bellevue.