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    Book An Appointment

    If you live in near Nashville TN, you can book an appointment at your home or office. We will bring our measuring kit and every fabric we have in stock. This fits into a very compact traveling suitcase! So if you are located on the 28th floor downtown, no worries...we got you covered! We have a handful of reps that do quite a bit of traveling as well, so it never hurts to ask if there is one traveling to your area. You are always welcome into our home office for an appointment as well.

    Email to inquire about scheduling a fitting.

    Attend Or Host A Party

    We have parties ALL OVER the country. If you are interested in hosting one, let us know! It is a great way to spend time with friends AND add some beautiful fitting clothes to your wardrobe. Hostesses earn a percentage of sales toward their purchases. It is a great way to get your new skirts and dresses at a "severe" discount. Pun intended. If hosting a party isn't your bag of chips, we can direct you to a party in your area. Hostesses love surprise guests...we are all about more the merrier.

    Email to inquire about hosting or attending a skirt party.