30 Day Free Alterations / Exchanges

There is an unavoidable truth to custom - at times, alterations are necessary. In fact, we've found that 15% of the skirts we sell require an alteration after they've been received and tried. We're actually pretty pumped about this low average, but if you happen to be one of the 15% that needs a tweak for your skirt to fit perfectly, here is what to do.

Step 1 - Let Us Know

You only have 30 days! Our Alterations/Exchange window is one month which is plenty of time to get your fit just right.

We will reach out to you within a few days of you receiving your skirt…but if you try on as soon as you receive it and you haven’t heard from us yet, please call, text, or email us!

Call or text to 615-250-2456
Email us at support@sevierskirts.com

Step 2 - Send Us A Picture

Take a pic of yourself in a mirror or have someone do it for you, then send us a picture from the front and side.

You can text these pictures to 615-250-2456 or email them to support@sevierskirts.com

KL took these pics for us and we felt her skirt needed to be let out.

Step 3 - Talk To Your Skirt Guru

As soon as we receive your snap shots, your skirt guru will call you.  We will confirm with you what we see and alteration is needed and we want to hear from you if you agree.  Then, we will send you a return postage in the mail and you can print out that postage and tape to the front of the box it came in or any mailer that you have at home or office.

Step 4 - We Alter & Return

We receive your skirt in the mail and let you know it's here! Your skirt guru will alter it according to your conversation, and send it back out within 24-48 hours. You'll receive email confirmation with a tracking number to let you know it's on the way. We'll update your record so your correct measurements are on file and the next skirt you order will fit perfectly.

This is KL's skirt after she received it back from the alteration.

Sometimes customers change their mind on the style or fabric they chose. We understand. We want your skirt to be a garment you'll wear over and over again. When your skirt guru reaches out to make sure you're pleased with your fit, just let her know. We'll switch out the style or fabric, or both!

Only 15% of sevier skirts require alterations to fit achieve a perfect fit

Ask Away!

If you have a question about your shape, size, length, fabrics, style or skirts in general, send it to us and we will get back to you right away.

Text or call us at 615-250-2456 and we'll help you answer any questions you may have. You can also email support@sevierskirts.com.

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