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    How do I order a Sevier Skirt or Dress?
    There are multiple ways to order a Sevier Skirt or Dress. You can attend a local ,Sevier Party book a private consultation with one of our Fit Specialists, or shop our Online Store.

    I want to Host a Sevier Party, how do I start?
    We would love for you to host a Sevier Party! Click here to learn how. 

    What is the price point of a Sevier Skirt or Dress?
    Sevier Skirts range in price from $180 to $230 and Sevier Dresses range in price from $170 to $375. The price of the skirt or dress is dependent on fabric selection and style. 

    What if my skirt does not fit?
    If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the look and feel of your skirt or dress, we want to fix our error with a Follow Up Fitting. We offer free alterations for 3 months after your purchase. Simply call us at 615.750.5013 and we will respond to you within one business day.

    What happens if I gain or loss weight after I place my order?
    During the Follow Up Fitting, if you have fluctuated in weight, we will do complimentary alterations for 3 months after the purchase date of your skirt or dress.

    How long does it take to receive my order?
    All orders will have a 4 week turn around time.

    How are the skirts and dresses manufactured?
    We manufacture all of our skirts and dresses in the United States. We individually cut and trim down each item to your unique and specific measurements in Nashville, TN.

    What is the return policy?
    Because Sevier Skirts creates custom products, our mission is to deliver a product to you of the highest quality meeting all of your personal needs and expectations. If you receive your skirt or dress and are unhappy in any way we will first attempt to alter the item to better meet your expectations. If you are still unsatisfied, we will refund your order.

    Does Sevier Custom Skirts and Dresses have a retail location?
    Not at this time... but it's always future possibility. 

    I have never ordered before, do I have to attend a Sevier Custom Skirt and Dress Party?
    You do not have to attend a Sevier Party if you are a first time customer. You can order online through our Online Store. Once your order has been placed, a member of the Sevier Skirts team will call and ask a few follow up questions to ensure the best possible fit. Also feel free to call with any questions, 615.750.5013.

    What is Sevier Custom Skirts and Dresses address?
    Our office is located at: 

    517 Summit Oaks Ct
    Nashville, TN 37221

    What if I do not like my skirt or dress?
    Our mission is for you to love and wear your skirt often, and most importantly, look and feel great while wearing it. If you find you have skirts or dresses that don't meet this standard, you need to let us know! If you don't love the fit of your skirt, just let us know so we can start the alteration process. Call our office, 615.750.5013, and let us know right away.