our secret sauce

Just tell us what you're wearing comfortably now (or not so comfortably) and we'll mail you a FitSkirt® or two in measurement combinations we think will be a pretty good fit. Once we find the muslin with the closest fit, we customize your pattern to perfection.

Our process lets you try the fit BEFORE it's made. All within 14-20 business days. It's custom made simple

The FitSkirt® | How we fit you

The FitSkirt® is our secret sauce! It's how we fit you perfectly...without every seeing you in person. When you order a skirt in your favorite fabric, we ask you to tell us a little bit about yourself. From your answers, we select a muslin FitSkirt® or two that are close to fitting for you to try on at home.

Each FitSkirt® is linked to a pattern in our system. Once you try on the muslins and find the one that fits the best, we need to see you in it! You take a selfie and text or email it to the shop so we can discuss your fit preferences with you. 

📷 don't send back the FitSkirt®/s until we see your selfie in the best-fitting FitSkirt AND talked with you about how you like your skirts to fit!

Send Us A Selfie | We need to see it

Since every single FitSkirt® is linked to a pattern in the shop, when we see you in the closest fitting muslin skirt, we'll know immediately how we need to alter the pattern to fit you perfectly. 

● waist - so it doesn't gap, scoop, or bind.
● hip  - so it doesn't bubble, bunch, or grab.
● length - tapers to your perfect length regardless of your height

📬 Once you've talked to a skirt guru at the shop about your skirt preferences, you can mail back the FitSkirt with the postage paid label.

We Make Your Pattern

If you ordered a skirt, we'll create your unique pattern and start production on your custom skirt. If you ordered a gift certificate, you can start shopping for your new favorite skirt!

Our process lets you try the fit BEFORE it's made. All within 14-20 business days. It's custom made simple!

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Here's a recap:

● order your skirt or gift certificate

● answer the questions about your size
● tell us what you are currently wearing comfortably
● we send you a FitSkirt® that is a close fit
MOST IMPORTANT STEP - send us a selfie in the best fitting FitSkirt
● we create your custom skirt or pattern.

Still have questions? Text or call us at the shop and a skirt guru will help you out. 615-504-8785 

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