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    Sevier Skirt Measurement Form
    You will need a measuring tape (grocery and drug stores carry them) and please put on a pair of yoga pants (no pockets) to take your measurements.
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    What size/sizes do you take to try on in a dressing room?
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    WAIST MEASUREMENT: Measure around your waist against your skin where you want your skirt to start. Hold tape taut and securely against skin.
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    WAIST MEASUREMENT LOCATION: Where is the measuring tape on your waist?
    Above your belly button (you like your skirts to sit high on waist)
    At your belly button
    Below your belly button (you like your skirts to sit lower)
    HIP MEASUREMENT: Measure around the WIDEST part of your hips (your booty). Slide measuring tape up and down to make sure you are capturing the WIDEST part of your booty.
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    LENGTH: Where do you want your skirt to fall on your legs?
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    Short (thigh area)
    2" above the knee
    Top of knee
    Shadow Knee
    2" below the knee
    Comments or Concerns:
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