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    The Pencil

    A pencil skirt looks great on all body types and ours is better than anything you’d grab off a rack.
    It’s custom fit to perfectly hug your waist and hips and tapers slightly at the hem.  
    Best if you:
    Wear a lot of flowy tops
    Want to wear with work jacket
    Your legs are your asset
    Wear heels often 

    The Swing

    Unlike the typical swing style, the Sevier Swing fits your hips and waist and doesn't begin to flare until after it passes your hips, just like an A-line.
    This custom piece will fit you just right, tailored to  your body so the flare is sure to flatter.
    Best if you:
    Tend to wear a lot of skirts and dresses
    Have a lot of fitted tops
    Most your cardigans and jacket fall at the waist
    Wear skirts and dresses in summer instead of shorts



    The Beauty of the Sevier Custom Fit

    Every woman has had the harrowing experience of a rough shopping trip. Unflattering lighting, pushy salespeople, and the pressure to fit into a small, medium, or large can ban together to create some really high stress. Sevier Skirts aims to put an end to experiences like this, promising fabulous fits for women who feel like there’s nothing out there that flatters their unique body type.


    Often, women with hips feel like they can’t wear pencil skirts. That’s because standard sizing and mass-produced pieces don’t hug their bodies in the right places, creating unflattering lumps and bumps. Sevier pencil skirts look KILLER on girls with curves, because they are specifically designed and tailored to sit just right. And for petite, non-curvy girls who feel like they can’t do a swing, the Sevier swing is perfection. No one wants to swim in fabric, so Sevier’s custom fit saves the day.


    No matter what challenges your body has thrown your way, Sevier Skirts will be your solution. The style that is best for you is the style you will get the most use out of and that’s what we’ll help you find.