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    Here's what our customers have to say about Sevier Skirts! 



    Donna Fister (left) and Katherine Sloan (right) - working 9-5!  

    Sevier Skirts are a perfect fit for the office, bringing sophistication, style and the perfect fit to your work wardrobe.


    Truly love my new dress, got sooo many compliments today!!!

    Laurel B., Nashville


    Thank you for suggesting the striped shirt, Suzanne.  Here is my mothers day picture

    Lisa R., Memphis, TN 
    Love. Going to a concert tonight. [This is the] perfect summer skirt. I wore the swing skirt today. Love that cut too. I feel like the straight one is more professional and the swing is more fun.
    New Albany, OH
    Girl!  This Lucy cotton stretch fits me so well! I love the back zipper! I don't think I've had one with a back zipper. Looks really good on me (I think haha).

    If other materials similar to this stretch that lay this way, you'll have to tip me off so I can watch out for them. Next time I'm in Nashville I'll make a point to get by there somehow to get measured so you can try to make a pencil one day.

    Thank you! Love it on!!!!

    Emily, Fayetteville, AR
    Got [my new skirt], love it! Wore it yesterday and got three compliments, one of which was "I have never seen anything quite like that skirt!"
    Kathryn Roebuck Holding 

    My two skirts arrived today. They are both beautiful and they fit perfectly! I can’t wait to wear my velour skirt tomorrow—it felt like putting on pajamas!
    The eyelet skirt will probably be my “Easter dress”. Love it.
    Gina T., Birmingham, AL
    Soooo glad I got the dress!!! And I LOVE it!!!! I curse Donna the day she introduced me to your skirts (and now dresses)!! Actually, my husband does!!
    April G., Houston, TX

    I received four pencils today. Elated is an understatement.
    Thank you for making my day! I love your beautiful skirts. 
    Tara, Louisville, KY
    Thank you so much, Suzanne for skirts that finally really fit me!  In the past, my “investment pieces” in my wardrobe were designer labels that still required extensive alterations to really fit me so it made me question whether that was truly a good investment in my wardrobe.  After discovering your skirts and being properly fitted I have not looked back at my former "go to" pieces, my only "go to" skirts for every occasion now are my Sevier Skirts, which I’m very happy to have a small assortment of to choose from.  The compliments are constant anytime I have on a Sevier Skirt; not just about how unique the skirt is but more about how good I look in it!  
    Julie Wright, Office Manager, The JPW Group


    These are like potato chips, you can't just have oneEmily D. , Knoxville

    Emily D., Knoxville, TN


    Of all the items in my closet, I can always trust my Sevier Skirts as my "go-to" pieces for just the right thing. I love that I can dress my skirts up or down depending on the event, the weather, or my mood, and I adore my new custom dress. Can't wait until the next season's fabrics!  Thank you for helping me build a wardrobe I love of pieces I really WEAR!"   



    I tried the paisley looking one first and loved it so much I regretted getting the white in pencil ... until I tried the white in pencil. I wore it last night to a cocktail party, and felt so pretty!

    Kathy S.


    Suzanne, I love love my dress! The fit is perfect, the fabric looks awesome and I love that it's a unique, heavy weight fabric that doesn't look bulky or thick on. I have gotten so many compliments and definitely want to pick out another dress this spring. You have an awesome business model, great fabrics and cuts, and you completely won me over even more when you were so customer service focused when my dress didn't fit right. I deal with a number of large companies at work and love yours - it's one of the best.

    Sara H.


    ...your dress was in the SC Governors office this morning with Nikki Haley for a bill signing!

    Fritzi B.


    I LOVE it!! I think it will be my fall favorite! Looking forward to the show in September.

    Marty C.


    OMG my skirt is awesome! I have already worn it twice since I got it last week. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Such a great neutral!

    Becky N.


    Suzanne, I am weeping for joy. Perfection. Looking all my life for a fit with scoliosis. I would like to order another skirt and dress. Hope to hear from your genius self soon.

    Roben M. 


    I have never worn a pencil skirt before. In fact, I used to purposely avoid them in the stores. It is amazing how a custom fit skirt opens up options for fashion. Thanks!!

    Angela L.


    Suzanne - I wore my black fit and flare today while attending a meeting in Dallas. I received several compliments but the best was "it looks like that dress was made for you. It is a perfect fit". I love my dresses. :)

    Kimberly, Nashville TN


    In love love love!!!! This skirt is like crack my friend! Thank you for making a wonderful fun skirt! Looking forward to filling my closet with them.

    Jamie Foust


    Sevier Skirts is fashion security for me. It makes my day so much easier and enjoyable. When I want to feel my most confidant, I wear my sevier skirt whether its to a board meeting or out to dinner.

    Roberta Cluffo


    OMG Suzanne... my skirts just arrived in the mail! I love every one of them, especially the blockbuster! (Thank you so much for the "deal".) The Crayola and Bahamas Navy are going on vacation with me in 2 weeks, and the Van Gogh Tapestry is going to be great for fall. Can you tell I'm excited??

    I'm a 69 year old who hasn't worn skirts in several years because I haven't been able to find them to fit and not look "dumpy". Even through I'm older, I want to be fashionable, but age-appropriate. I also have lots of brown spots on my legs from many years of tanning before sunscreens. Your fabrics are so different and eye-catching so I'm comfortable wearing the skirts because I think everyone sees the skirt and not the brown spots.

    Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing your new items for fall and winter. It is a pleasure working with your company.  JoAnn

    I LOVE my new skirts! Especially my Ellie Orange!!! I get compliments every time I wear them and certainly know not to wear them if I'm in a big hurry because I will be stopped and asked about where I got it.

    Thanks for a great product!



    Just wanted to let you know- I wore my new striped skirt today- I think I got a least 20 compliments- I wish I had some of your cards to pass out. I would love to get a few more in this style if you have time. Let me know when I could come look at fabrics.

    Gail, Nashville TN


    The waist alteration is perfect. I got the skirt in time to wear it to a party last Saturday. I got lots of compliments, my husband loves it. Thanks so much!

    Dawn, Atlanta GA


    I just wanted to write to tell you how happy I am with my new skirt. It actually becomes humorous to me that whenever I wear a Sevier Skirt to work I even get comments from the men in the office. The fabrics are so unique!

    Haley, Atlanta GA


    I felt like a million bucks walking to my car this morning in my new black and white skirt, my new Anne Fontaine blouse and cute little shoes. You're the best!

    Laura, Chicago IL