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    The beauty of custom is that you can wear BOTH the pencil and the swing.
    Since it was made to fit your waist, hips and length, chances are you will be able to wear either style beautifully.
    Therefore...hippy girls that "don't do pencils" look KILLER in the Sevier Pencil because it isn't pulling on hips and it finally fits your waist. As well as...petite girls that "can't do swing" LOVE the Sevier Swing because they are finally not engulfed in fabric
    In Addition...those that "don't do skirts" because they don't like their legs...well, Sevier Skirts are so striking that no one is looking at your legs anymore. The style that is best for you is the style you will get the most use out of.
    Here are a few guidelines to help you decide.

    The Pencil

    Best if you: 
    Wear a lot of flowy tops
    Want to wear with work jacket
    Your legs are your asset
    Wear heals often


    The Swing

    Best if you:
    Tend to wear a lot of skirts and dresses
    Have a lot of fitted tops
    Most your cardigans and jacket fall at the waist
    Wear skirts and dresses in summer instead of shorts