Herrera Floral

I was so intrigued by this print for so many reasons.  First is that the base fabric is a suiting weight wool blend fabric.  I LOVE suiting weights for their softness and drape and they wear beautifully for a decade (or two).  This type of fabric is lightweight and perfect for summer.  I also LOVED that the flowers were all so far apart, so you may only catch 8 or so if made in a pencil.  Because of this, I find it incredibly unique.  Lastly, it is a Carolina Herrera fabric, and she obviously knows what she is doing!

The Herrera Floral is a moderate stretch along the weft and a fluid drape, it is made from a novel blend of wool and elastane. Ideal for a more comfortable, casual suiting that makes good use of the stretch afforded by the elastane, use it to create your favorite skirt this summer and summers to come!

The skirt is lined in a silky non-static lining.  It is recommended that you dry clean this skirt. 

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